Friday, November 4, 2011

What is random about Test?

Today's episode of vibrantly random is about the word test. Test is one of those words that can bring a man to tears, a drunk to sobriety, a lesbian back to guys (remind me to post about the patented "Just-Test-The-Tip" method). an atheist back to jesus, a blind man to the light, a camel through the eye of a needle, and most likely there is a test for ones iq, in order to receive their Parenting license. WAIT WTF NO Parent license? FFS i need a license to fish in salt water, fresh water, to hunt, to own dogs, to own weapons, to own chemicals, to sell lemonade, to panhandle, to hitchhike, to sell gas, to operate a business, to open a daycare, or a hospital, to put my trash on the sidewalk, and even to install software. BUT NOT to have children? Enough of my ranting and shaningans.. Whats random about TEST?

How to determine if the possession is genuine test.

How to check and see if the cops are still there test.

How to tell if your cat is really a contortionist test.

How to tell if those brownies were ment for you test.

This image is a mental illusion, and you will only see what you want to see test.

When its ok to run from the cops test.

When its best to stfu test.

How long can i prove my friendship before i laugh at your failures test.

how awesome santa can be test

How to seduce the ladies test.

The being john malkevich test.

How long you will wait until something awesome happens test.

Do you have a soul test.

The brilliant idea test.

The second best brilliant idea test.

Is your cat a boss test.

And finally the last test.. WHO IS THIS GUY!
Well this whole blog about test had nothing to do about test. Why? Because TEST SUCK! IF i want a test ID GO TO CLASS.

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