Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Whats random about love?

What is love really?

To poets, love might be a many-splendored thing. But in neuroscientist Larry Young's lab, love is biochemistry.
Candy valentine hearts; Flickr photo by CarleyJane
Young, a researcher at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center at Emory University in Atlanta, studies the neurobiology that underlies pair bonds -- what nonscientists might call love.
In an essay in the journal Nature last month, he laid out evidence that scientists may soon be able to tie the emotion "love" to a biochemical chain of events, and might someday even be able to develop drugs that enhance social bonding -- in much the same way that pharmaceuticals today can help regulate emotions like anxiety and depression.
But, Young says, it's not a love potion. "The holy grail is a drug that might be able to enhance the social abilities of people with social disorders like autism."
In his lab at Yerkes, Young studies rodents called prairie voles. Unlike 95 percent of mammals, prairie voles mate for life.
"They form a lifelong bond," Young said. "They nest together, they raise a family together, they have another litter. So they have this really intense bond between them."
In a series of studies, Young found that the hormones that produce that bond are the same ones that promote parent-child bonding in many other species.
For females, that hormone is oxytocin.

Some Love Poetry provided by Poetry of the Day

Nothing Left To Say
by Johnny Ray Ryder Jr.
In the beginning it sounded so perfect,
The first night we were together
It seemed so worth it.

Each day, the harder I tried,
Each day, it seemed you had more to hide.
There is nothing more I can offer you,
It seems you can't be satisfied.

I only asked for your truth
Yet, each day I was only denied.
The smallest of happiness I needed to get by,
Just to survive...

"Why," must you take for granted all of my emotions?
"Why," didn't I leave you, on the smallest of a notion?
Now I must realize, it's time to walk away,
I'm sorry... there's nothing left to say.
What about Jennifer LOVE Hewitt... 
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  1. Took oxycotin once - and hallucinated. Don't think it will ever aid me in forming any sort of bond!

  2. LOL funny thing coincidence. I was just doing some mild research on oxycotin. From your previous comment, @Chrischaos: I love that name!!! LOL go ahead, you won't regret it x)Yoga really is awesome.

    p/s: And I really really love Jennifer love hewwit